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The Catskills/Hudson Valley Get Down Clubhouse
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Updated: May 12, 2022


Are you in a NY Upstate of mind!? Discuss and discover all things Catskills and Hudson Valley. Whether you’re new to the area, have been here forever, visiting or planning a move, let’s get the conversation going. Share music - promote art - discuss hiking - talk business - home rehab projects - second home versus full time life - recommend dining - ask homesteading questions - find contractors - learn which towns are buzzing and which ones are next - find your people. Join us, share with your neighbors, nominate your friends. 🌲 Join our new FB community (same name) to view upcoming rooms.


Keep it KIND

We welcome all perspectives. Please treat all members with respect.


We are defining our areas of interest as Ulster, Dutchess, Sullivan, Delaware, Greene, Putnam, and Columbia counties and those who live here -- or want to!

Keep it FUN

Some topics will be serious, some will be lighthearted. It’s good to try to laugh and have fun whenever possible!


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