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You are free here to speak your mind. Like the name suggests it is a place to feel free and engage in a discussion but a civilized manner is expected from any participants. One or two topics will be stated at the start of the room and we want you to stay within the topic of the time. Take room assessment to apply individual time on stage, if there is high demand make it short and brief to give chance to others, that is self control. If self management doesn’t seem to be going well, the mods will limit time for each speakers to give chance to others. We all know that the best way to learn is by listening. Be good to the moderators so they can be good to you! 😄🙏 Don’t forget to invite friends.

Somalia|Kenya| Sudan |Egypt |Eritrea|Djibouti|

Christian| Islam| Jew
Politics Business Music Religion

Africa America Asia Europe Habesha
Black Falasha Arab Hispanic, White

Democracy, Socialism, Communism Nile


Rule 1

It is so easy, just Obey the rule and use common sense while you are on the mic.

Rule 2

No Trolling/ Advertising / Self-promotion

Rule 3

You have every right to disagree with anyone but explain your perspective politely. Any talk of defamation, harassment, or abuse is strictly prohibited.


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