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Salut, je m’appelle Adekunle.Le créateur du club International des francophiles (CIF).
What does Francophile mean to you?
It is the love of France,her people,her language and her culture.

The group FRANCOPHILE is created with the objective of tutoring and teaching the French language. In this present global economy and increased competition, one's ability to speak French in addition to their English language increases their chances of integrating the labour market without tears. If you love French Language,you are welcome to join “Le club International des francophiles” (CIF).

TIPS On How to speak French :
You have several options:
* Listen to music with French lyrics.

* Watch films in French (with subtitles at first, then without subtitles). * Watch French channels.

* Listen to radio stations on which French is spoken.

* If you are in a French speaking country, listen to people speaking French in the street and try to initiate conversation with them. It’s very educational.

*Don't feel shy to speak the bad french.
________📅weekly rooms 📅 ____.

Bienvenue sur Clubhouse (Francophiles) EveryDay
NB: No class on Tuesdays and Thursday
Time: ———-

Don’t forget to share it to your friends that you know he or she loves to learn French.



1. This group is apolitical. Consequently, no political talks is accepted here unless they are related to the topic under discussion (MUST) be in French.


2. No abusive language or name calling will be tolerated on this platform. Unless they’re also related to the topic under discussion (MUST) be in French


3. During programs, you are not allowed to interrupt or cut into another person's talk unless you are being authorized by the moderator.

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