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Updated: Oct 3, 2023


Welcome to Real life issues; we discuss and brainstorm on issues that are mentally exhausting and also find a way around them. Mental health is important to us in here plus we rise by lifting others👌.

We also do the following 👇
🔥 Academic talk
🔥Self development
🔥Motivational talk
🔥Health talk
🔥Relationship talk
🔥Career/business talk
🔥Mature mind cruise
🔥Sensible and matured games!
🔥Sex talk/sex education
🔥 Connect and network!
🔥Outreach and symposium

You're welcome!
English is the only accepted language in here!: Speaking over each other won't be tolerated,we ain't barbarians!
Respect other members in the house: Address others the way you'll want to be addressed!
Only constructive criticism/argument will be entertained!: Your argument must be civil,no throwing of tantrums and don't pick on another member.

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