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Updated: Nov 14, 2021


Let’s inspire, motivate and help each other. Feel free to share your story, what you are going through (positive or not), quotes that you think others will find helpful, any advices and tips you may have etc. If you have any Flight Attendants you think that will benefit from this group invite them too!


Let’s become a powerful and empathic community 🌍
Let us really practice what it means to be #UnitedByWings and gather around mental health.

Join us on Facebook: search th|AIR|apy and follow us on IG: @th.air.apy

***DISCLAIMER***This is not a *licensed* professional mental health support but rather a large group of Flight Attendants from airlines all over the world, who totally understand where each other are coming from. We are here to listen, commiserate, and give each other a shoulder, an ear, and a bit of advice about ANYTHING when needed.

Thank you for your support of yourself and each other 🌍🌈💕
WEBSITE: IG:@th.air.apy MERCH:
Cashapp: $FlyNas (SUPPORT THE CAUSE)

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