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Updated: Mar 11, 2023


-Welcome to |The Superior Fishing Content|

This is an INCLUSIVE space for ALL Anglers(Fishermen/Fisherwomen) at any level of experience.

Obtaining Membership Affords You The Opportunity To:

Fellowship with other anglers from around the world.
Refine Your Craft
Share ALL things Fishing

To be added as a member tap the “FOLLOW” button then confirm that you are following the creator @Michael.McQ357 (The First Member Listed Below)

If you are already a member don’t forget to nominate people you feel can not only contribute to this club but can also LEARN from it. Just tap the “+👤” above then click “Search Clubhouse.”

Discussion Topics?

DM the Creator and/or follow @ReelKnottyKhronicles on IG and use the hashtag #RAFC to submit questions and/or topics.

We host “Let’s Talk Fishing!” rooms Bi-Weekly Wednesday @ 8:35pm EST(Next Show:TBA) as well as sporadic pop-up rooms! Feel free to start your own rooms too. Be sure that your room does NOT conflict with “Let’s Talk Fishing!” scheduling. Tight Lines! - Capt. Knotty (Mike McQueen)



No one likes a know it all, Basshole! Don’t be that person. On a serious note, we want everyone comfortable sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly!


Hosted Room MUST be related to fishing and any extension of it.


If you’re about to give feedback, teach, & anything else that could make one uncomfortable. Start with a Glow(Something positive about subject) and finish with the Grow(What needs improvement.)

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March 11, 2023 1,458 -42 -2.9%
January 07, 2023 1,500 +100 +7.2%
January 03, 2023 1,400 -100 -6.7%
December 22, 2022 1,500 +100 +7.2%
May 31, 2022 1,400 +303 +27.7%
November 02, 2021 1,097 -5 -0.5%
August 21, 2021 1,102 -921 -45.6%
August 15, 2021 2,023 +1 +0.1%


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