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Updated: May 14, 2022


What do you do when your car starts acting weird? You take it to a garage right? Every vehicle needs fine tuning and servicing, else it will start malfunctioning. But what do you do when your life (which just like a car is balancing on four wheels) goes off balance? Where do you go? Which garage do you take it to? How do you know which garage is better equipped to deal with your life-car issues? How do you figure out the perfect alignment between the four wheels of your life i.e. Mind, Body, Soul and Environment? How do you move from Knowing to Being?

If these are the sort of questions you often find yourself asking within, then you are not alone. You may feel that way but everyone has at least one story that is just like yours. Alone we may not find all the answers but together we can definitely find the path that leads us to the right garage.

"Mental Garage" is one such step towards demystifying the fog around our own "Mental Blocks". Let's start a conversation on stereotyping, taboos, stigmas and more of what needs to be talked about.

Mental Garage opens on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8pm and solely run by a Mental Mechanic who is (Not a preacher, Not a therapist, Not a healer, Not a psychologist/psychiatrist, and certainly not a subject matter expert) a conversationalist and a believer of stories.


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March 27, 2022 1,200 +100 +9.1%
March 11, 2022 1,100 +13 +1.2%
November 23, 2021 1,087 +2 +0.2%
November 11, 2021 1,085 +1 +0.1%
November 09, 2021 1,084 +2 +0.2%
November 07, 2021 1,082 -1 -0.1%
November 06, 2021 1,083 +3 +0.3%
October 31, 2021 1,080 -1 -0.1%
October 30, 2021 1,081 +2 +0.2%
October 28, 2021 1,079 +305 +39.5%
August 27, 2021 774 +36 +4.9%
August 21, 2021 738 +4 +0.6%
August 20, 2021 734 +60 +9.0%


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