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Updated: Aug 7, 2022


Established in 2018 by Ekua Ahima, the #AfroDomme Academy is the NUMBER ONE platform for Black Femme Supremacy, Entrepreneurship, and Sisterhood on and offline. With over 2000 Black Femmes in our exclusive network, it is our mission to empower and promote our community unapologetically. From 1:1 coaching, mentoring + internships, grant funding, hosting virtual workshops, providing online courses, and live networking events at our private social club in Baltimore, the AfroDomme Network has the resources, outreach, and industry veteran-approved credibility to help YOU launch, rebrand, and scale your luxury business to six-figures and beyond. Learn More and Follow Us Online @AfroDommeMag + #AskTheKinkyCoach ๐Ÿ‘ˆ๐Ÿฝ


What Happens Here Stays Here! PERIOD

For the safety and discretion of all our valued network members, we ask that you keep all closed and/or members-only discussions within the group.

F*ck You and the Patriarchy You Come From!

This is a sacred and safe space for black femme entrepreneurs in all industries. Whether you โ€œsupportโ€ sex work or not, we DO NOT want your religious, bias, or unsolicited advice/words about it here.

You Must Be 21+ to Enter This Space.

No exceptions. No Male Members. Invite Only, from Ekua Ahima and/or Network Moderators.

Last 30 Records

Day Members Gain % Gain
June 16, 2022 1,100 +100 +10.0%
March 11, 2022 1,000 -34 -3.3%
November 15, 2021 1,034 +5 +0.5%
November 09, 2021 1,029 +3 +0.3%
November 03, 2021 1,026 +2 +0.2%
November 01, 2021 1,024 +2 +0.2%
October 31, 2021 1,022 +1 +0.1%
October 30, 2021 1,021 +1 +0.1%
October 29, 2021 1,020 +4 +0.4%


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