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Updated: May 14, 2022


Please follow or join the club!! L.I.T TALK is a space where you can drop in to chill & catch a vibe! This space was created by me, @w-iley. A recommendation is to keep your favorite drink on hand at all times! LOL. We keep it (LIVELY) in here. Read the room before speaking, but expect a laugh or some informative conversations. We are (IMPARTIAL) in this space. We treat everyone with respect. We are (TOLERANT) to the fact that not everyone is going to agree or believe what we believe. In this space we discuss a wide range of topics, respectfully. EVERYONE is welcome here! If you ever want to use this club to host a room of your own, shoot any of the admins a DM & you are more than welcome to use this space! Welcome to L.I.T Talk! Oh, it’s LIT!
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Try to keep the conversations live & fun when needed, but also reading the room before speaking.


We want everyone to treat everyone fair & be unbiased.


We must show willingness to allow the existence of opinions that we may or may not necessarily agree with.

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