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Updated: May 19, 2022


Welcome to Deepr!

This is the club for you if...

• You believe that 🎶 music 🎶 is losing its value because the creators (songwriters, producers, engineers, musicians, & creatives) behind the music are hard to discover and aren’t being celebrated anymore 💯

• You used to spend your last dime at the local record store buying the latest vinyl, cassette, or CD, and after making your music purchase you spent hours reading the liner notes.

• You find yourself going down Google, Wiki, & internet rabbit holes searching for new music and creator discoveries.

Sound like you, well you aren’t alone. Let’s #goDeepr and talk about it!

twitter: @deeprmusicapp
IG: @deeprmusic


Be Proud of Your Music Taste

If it sounds good to you, then it’s good music. Rep the music that you love regardless if it’s different, corny, or unique. Share why you love it with the community,

Be Respectful

This community is meant to celebrate the music we love and the creators who made it happen. As we share and discuss, let’s give each other the common courtesy of respect that we want for ourselves.

Conversation and Music Welcomed!

If you have music ready to play, please share when asked to. But we also value conversations and discussions just as much.

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