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Updated: Jan 30, 2023


A space where kings and queens have conversations, respectfully. We discuss love, life, share our wisdom, learn from each other and most importantly, have fun. Hit the follow button and follow the admins below for our latest discussions 👑✨
Every Sunday at 6PM PST ADMINS: @marchena @whitneynhawkins @shay_bae89 @omgitsnish @statelinejay @jennanation


Be Respectful ✨

All opinions and insights are welcome here however, keep it respectful.

Say Your Peace ✨

Allow others to speak without interrupting. Be intentional with your words and only come to the stage to speak on the topic at hand.

TRC Is For Conversations, Not Speeches ✨

We value all contributions to the conversation and want every one to have the opportunity to speak. SO stay on point and keep it brief (2-3 minutes max).


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