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Updated: May 17, 2022


The Breakdown is a place to hold candid conversations and debrief pop culture moments within the black community from politics to reality television. It’ll be a safe space for people of the black diaspora to comment on moments in the culture both past and present. Created two black girls stuck in between the Millennial and Gen Z generations we welcome honesty and confusion. We aren’t here to judge or bash but to laugh and cut up. Created by @demilade and @msamarachi 💕


Wait Your Turn

Let’s pretend we are in grade school again and wait our turns to speak. The moderators are the teachers and you are the beloved student. Don’t stress everyone will speak.

Being real does not mean being rude

Say what you gotta say but keep it cute y’all!


Any -ism you can think of will NOT fly here. Don’t get kicked out sweetheart:)


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