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Updated: May 18, 2022


This is a community for givers who are as ready to receive as much as they give.

You are a purpose driven self-starter. Aligning with and honoring your values come easy to you. Being of service to others is effortless and meaningful.

With all these things that are intuitive to you, the other parts of launching or sustaining your business are a learning curve: self-promotion, sales, saying no, boundaries, and asking for help.

Maybe you are here because you feel alone in your journey or you seek answers or enrichment. Maybe you’re already successful and you want to share what you’ve learned because you believe that there’s abundance in life and there’s plenty to share.

Whatever brings you to our community, you are welcome and you are celebrated. Step in, step up, and exhale.


Nominate people you trust

Heart-centered beings are great judges of character. Let’s leverage that. Who do you know that will both benefit and contribute to conversations in this club?


This is a safe space. As part of this community, you take ownership of your experience and all your fellow members’ experience. Hold everyone in kindness. No judgement. Just curiosity.

No promos. No selling.

We are here to connect and learn from each other. This is not the space to promote your business.

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