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Updated: Sep 12, 2023


Welcome to “The Audience” a space where audience members have the opportunity to speak on the CH entertainment! We sit in the audience all day. However in this space we get to speak and discuss the Headliners of clubhouse!

If you faithfully sit in the audience whether it’s the “Followed by speaker” or “Others in the room” JOIN THA CLUB because we want to hear from YOU!

CH enthusiasts who are here to just

We just regular ppl wit opinions. Don’t take it personal.
Be Respectful: We all know we can’t hear 5 ppl speak. So just be patient.
RAISE YOUR HAND: This club is directed towards THA AUDIENCE! It’s our turn to discuss the CH entertainment AWAY FROM THE GU!
Follows don’t matter: Your follower account has no value in this space. We want all faithful audience members here to chime in on the conversation!

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