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Updated: May 20, 2024


Serious business only
Booking moderators dm me or email me.
We recruit,hire,train & prepare moderators for platform & stages.
Cash App💲 $modnation01
daily topics , discussions about the highs and lows of being a mod.
teaching how to properly moderate a club room .🔧✳ moderator
Read the Room ,Stage📉📈📊 & Use Appropriate Language: Honor the One Mic 🎤 Rule❗️ Respect everyone , Mods ✳️& Club owners 🏠1️⃣No Doxxing 2️⃣No bullying People 3️⃣No Sexual harassment4️⃣No Trolling
Green Beans ✳️✳️4 Mod Nation Staff ,Associates & Clients: Numero Uno Don’t Ask for the Green Bean ✳️ ✳️Mod nation staff requirements with Green bean engage the title or topic ,share,invite,ping, chat,pin links in rooms & house invites members to the mod clubs
No Goo policy & No Blocking ❗️: 1️⃣No audience policy when we’re not doing any content rooms with replays. 2️⃣No Blocking people because this is a free space for everybody.

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