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Updated: May 18, 2022


We host our events every Tuesday afternoon (2:30pm PST | 5:30pm EST) usually but we’re indefinitely on a break until further notice.

Acrylic Room is a music culture space for creatives, producers, beatmakers, etc. We discuss instrumental music including lofi hip hop, jazz, latin, etc. We also produce events, fireside chats, interviews, and panels exclusive to Clubhouse.

on label things, we just released an EP from Latin-lofi duo Flora Vida and an album (Out Of Office) from Asian-Australian producer Pastels coming out next Friday

Presented by Acrylic Label 🔴🟠🟡🟢🔵 (@theacryliclabel on IG, @acryliclabel on twtr).


Rule 1: Be respectful 🤝

There is an expectation of common human decency in this space. Nobody is above anybody else; we’re here to learn, educate, and listen. Please be respectful and let’s not try to talk over each other.

Rule 2: No perpetrators of violence allowed 🤧

No ideology that supports white supremacy or fascism or any other beliefs that promote abuse on others will be allowed. No hate speech and slurs of any kind. Be gender inclusive when referring to ppl.

Rule 3: No egregious self-promotionals and no capping 🧢

We have a zero-tolerance policy on self-promotional that goes over the top. We are here to exchange insight, not to sell your brand, course, or eBook. Anybody capping will be subject to ejection 🧢


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