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Updated: Jan 30, 2023


Welcome to Industry Plvnts! 🌱 Founded by @jvnior.
A place where you can quick start your mark in any industry you can dream of.

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Nominate 3 friends and then tap the follow button! We will approve you within minutes!

Every industry has a way in, we’re here to share those ways with you, from the music industry, to e-commerce, stock trading, investments and more! The “Industry Plant” label doesn’t have to be a negative, you can learn life fundamental skills that will ultimately allow you to succeed in this new digital era industry.
the club, we approve instantly if you are fit to join 🌟 The club where all questions about Music Industry are answered, for aspiring artists, managers, label owners, A&Rs, digital creatives, marketing enthusiasts and more! Music Industry comes together in one place, and we’re all industry plants 🌱


Are there any requirements to join?

Absolutely not, the common thing we all share is love for building and innovating an industry within itself, which brings us all together to create a better environment for entrepreneurship to thrive.

Can anyone start a room?

Yes, we endorse networking and talking to people, even if the conversations are awkward. Most people in the industry have great ice breakers, so don’t shy away from starting a room and reaching out!

Can I invite others into this club?

Of course, inviting others is actually encouraged. We aim to be the biggest club on Clubhouse, for the industry. Let’s join forces and create our own hub for all creative and business related things.

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