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Updated: Mar 23, 2023


我々の今日の行動、選択が22世紀の礎になっている。22世紀の人類のために我々はどのような個人、企業、伝統、技術を選択し、その選択の大事さをどのように広げていってらいいのか?Every choice we make today would make the base of 22nd Century; who, which company, which tradition and which technology should we choose to make a better future? How can we support them. These are the subject of this club.


Ok to record & report | 記録&発信ok

This club exists to discuss value worth inheriting to the next century; recording & reporting are welcome as long as reporting credits the speaker.このクラブの目的は次の世紀に引き継ぐべき価値を話し合うこと。発話者を明記すれば記録もレポートの発信も歓迎。

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