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Updated: Aug 27, 2021


🌎The Ecopsychedelic Drop-In 🌎
Saturday 4 PM MST ⏰

Join us as we discuss the psychedelic renaissance and the limitations of the dominant framework. In other words, we will be discussing social justice and culturally informed research, use, accessibility, and other issues related to psychedelic therapy and nature interconnectedness. 🌿

Ecopsychedelics is defined as the intersection of nature and psychedelics. With the ever-changing biosphere and a world in climate and social crisis. This clubhouse seeks to discuss psychoactive compounds to address eco, social, and post-colonial barriers of separation that humans have with the natural world and with one another. Meetups are framed around ecopsychology, resilient leadership, diversity, equity, and access to psychedelic medicine.🙏🏽🧡🏳️‍⚧️✊🏽🏳️‍🌈‼️

This clubhouse is a brave space, so remember to:

🔵Listen with the heart, be open and interested in other points of view without judgment.👂
🔵Speak from the heart with honesty, show up.🗣
🔵Be spontaneous, don’t rehearse.🔥
🔵Be lean of expression, concise, speak to the essence of what wants to be shared, say what needs to be said, then let the talking go on, respect the time.⚓️

We can see who is here.
All seats are equally powerful.⚖️
There is no beginning or end but a continual process.

Being Witness
♥️Hold the heart of the group in its highest intention.
♥️Having an eagle-eye view of what is being said
♥️Observe and offer reflections as you’re called to do so

You’re invited to introduce yourself with land acknowledgment. Acknowledging that place matters is not forgetting the cultural, historical, environmental, social, and political context of the land that we are sitting on today.🏜


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