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Prayer Upper Room Intercession Clubhouse
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Updated: Mar 18, 2024


This room is sanctioned by the Holy Ghost for instruction, reproof, correction and doctrine. Learning the word of God in the highest level of your spirituality here to not only just gain knowledge but gain a knowing of Jesus Christ. The Apostolic doctrine is the only way.
1. Respect The House: Give respect to the angel of the house as the angel of the house protects those spiritually that comes in the room.
2. Show Agape Love: Love is an expression of God. If we all know God then we should know how to love each other no matter the situation. Show the agape love to everyone in the room but those you know or don't know
3. No Negative Statements: If you have nothing good to say in a more respectful way with love, then don't say nothing at all!

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Day Members Gain % Gain
March 18, 2024 1,168 +95 +8.9%
January 27, 2024 1,073 +100 +10.3%
December 14, 2023 973 +33 +3.6%
November 04, 2023 940 +16 +1.8%
October 05, 2023 924 +49 +5.7%
September 05, 2023 875 +58 +7.1%
August 07, 2023 817 +64 +8.5%


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