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This groups main focus is:

1. Discussing travel from the “black” (African American, Black British, African Diaspora) perspective; we will analyze our unique experiences, favorite places, etc...
2. The “business” of travel – influencers, traveling for free, monetizing your platforms, etc.
3. Travel hacks – Cheap flights, hotels, and more!
4. Travel groups – how to start your own travel group, the pros and cons, and more!

To join this club, simply click the “follow” button, and follow the admins of the group. In addition, we’re only as strong as the people in the group; please tap the “+” button to add and nominate your friends.

Follow @BlackTravelTube on IG (FB and Twitter), as we often feature our group members who are trying to build their brands! Help us, help you!



Want to be a moderator or featured influencer, email [email protected]

About the organization:

Black Travel Tube is the largest database of black travel blogs (bloggers) and videos in the world. The site and group literally cover’s every country in the world (if you don’t believe it, visit and search for the most remote country you can find on the planet!)

We have a range of free and unique services that will allow everyone to be an active member of Black Travel Tube.

Black Travel Tube is a source for all things travel. Whether you specialize in content in the form of blogs informing your audience of your travel adventures or videos used to share your first hand experiences while abroad, we want your content to be on our site in order to support everyone’s need for answers, experiences and shared interests. Join our online community, as this is another platform to grow your audience and share your content at .

If this sounds like a platform your brand could benefit from, simply create a free account via Once registered, you can start using your content’s url to start uploading to our site for free. We’ve made our site creator friendly and we ensure that you’ll be able to add this platform into your creative routine.

We are also looking for content contributions to our weekly e-newsletter “The Black Travel Tribe”. If you’re a blogger and would like to be a part of the newsletter email us at [email protected]

Please be sure to connect with us on all social media sites:

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Keep the conversations respectful and topical...

Self explanatory: stay on topic, and give everyone an opportunity to express their perspective(s).

Self promotion

Please check with the admin (first person listed) of the group before plugging your paid services, travel agencies, and/or groups.

Www.Blacktraveltube.Com is free...

Any blogger, or travel group can add their content to the website. Simply create a free account at You can add your YouTube videos to the site and receive credit for views!

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