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Updated: Mar 20, 2023


Tha Club where we talk about everything, judge no one (unless you’re a complete idiot, then we’re totally going to judge your ass), bring real issues associated with life(relationships, business, social issues etc.) to the table so that you can hear advice from peers and likeminded people, and laugh like we’re at the best comedy show you’ve ever been to,(because honestly, we’re pretty damn funny 😁). Club Owners: VeezyVee and Chef E


Tha Vault is a safe space:

What happens in Tha Vault stays in Tha Vault.

Tha Vault is not in the business of buying dreams:

Don’t come in here trying to sell any! (No Cappin, BS’N, Clout Chasing ECT.)

Respect the art of conversing:

Listen, Comprehend, Clarify, Respond.
Respect people’s time to speak: Do NOT talk over anyone! (ONE MIC)

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