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Updated: Aug 27, 2021


A club for music lovers and storytellers.
IIWAM is a club for melomaniacs whose love language is connecting with people through music.
From album reviews to story-based profiles narrated by artists/DJs/composers’ chosen songs/playlists/mixtapes, this is a place for authentic engagement through sound.


Authenticity First:

This an open and safe space. Organic interaction takes precedence. This is not a club for aggressive networking. Let the connections naturally do their thing, s’il vous plait.

Differences = Unifiers:

IIWAM encourages and celebrates safe and healthy discourse. We strictly engage and unify through differences here. Anything else will not be tolerated.

Humanity First: No bigotry or hatred allowed.

Religion, sexual orientation, racial, identity, cultural and gender biases are not welcome in this room. We push passion here. Passion for music, connection, growth, learning and storytelling. 🖖🏽🖤

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