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Welcome to Dragon Flight, a new paradigm for the Asian Diaspora to take agency in building the necessary MEDIA INFRASTRUCTURE to CREATE EQUITY, and OWNERSHIP of our own representation as the leading stars in the greatest stories---all while utilizing the global platforms of 2021 to engage the massive Asia Pacific audience and superseding Hollywood if necessary.

We want to construct our own FREESTANDING PILLAR OF MEDIA PROJECTION ON THE GLOBAL STAGE that will be able to showcase talent in the right context, celebrate our cultures without the need for validation, and express emotions that connects with the audience. We have the cultural acuity and humility to actually deliver content that reaches audiences in the Asia-Pacific region.

(Natively Global = brands, stories, IPs, content, etc. where audiences everywhere--all languages, time zones, etc. are on the same page by default, such as video games, MMA, E-Sports, etc.)

This is a powerful way for Asians in the diaspora to ensure the prioritization our representation while garnering the resources to invest in more Asian American and diaspora specific stories.

There has never been a better or more urgent time for the Asian Diaspora to combine our creativity, work ethic, resources, and resolve to build our own media infrastructure and become OUR OWN FREESTANDING PILLAR of media projection that engages directly with global audiences--in the Asia Pacific, where, unlike Hollywood, we have the cultural acuity and humility to actually deliver content the market will want.

It's time for Asians in the diaspora to truly take ownership of our contributions to the societies we have been part of for generations by talking about our history, our everyday, our dreams and aspirations.

We are now able to project our new story going forward into the future and also live it.

Dragon Flight: for those in the Asian Diaspora who are ready unapologetically leap forth and fly high, see far, and act fast.

Credit: Fuxiao Bai, James Chen, Sean Yap

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