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🧛‍♂️🧛‍♂️ VAMPIRES ADDA🧟🧟

The Vampires Vs Villagers Game

 Game Pattern :

Game is played in rounds and every round has 2 phases called morning and night.

Night : God collects the name from the vampires to get killed. 

Morning : God reveals the kill and also the role of such person. Discussion time will be given as per god and the voting out pattern starts. The person with most votes will get voted out and the role is revealed.

Roles :
🔴 Vampires : Based on the panel count god will create a back channel group for vampires usually 3-4 in a group. Every night they need to give a kill. The main objective of the Vampires is to kill King & Queen. 👑

🔴 Lycan : Lycan is a vampire supportive role. Usually at the start of the game Lycan is not added into vampire group. Once the vampires kill the lycan during night god announces there is a conversion of lycan and will be added to the group of vampires thus increasing the count of vampires by one more. 

🟢 King & Queen : Usually King and Queen are the leading roles of the village. They are usually in a same group and the main aim of these two is to ensure that they're not getting killed or voted out. In case if anyone of the king/queen is killed they will also get a power to have a kill which will mostly be used to get red of one vampire.  

🟢 Suicide Bomber : Suicide Bomber has the power to take down one person either by self diffuse or when he/she is killed. Usually takes down a vampire through analysis. 

🟢 Dynamite : Dynamite =Destruction. 
If vampires kill Dynamite : One of the Vampires needs to sacrifice themselves from the group and get killed. 

If Dynamite is voted out : The first person who vote the dynamite during the vote out process gets killed irrespective of their role

If Dynamite is killed by King&Queen or a suicide bomber : Dynamite will have power to take one person down with themselves which would mostly be a vampire through analysis. 

🟢 Mystic : At any given point of time in the game, he/she can reveal role of any other person on the panel. Usually reveals a vampire but can't help if he reveals a village side role. If mystic reveals the dynamite, the dynamite will turn into a suicide bomber.

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