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Welcome you all..
Each Place we visit has its own particular look, character and Ambiance. (A Note book and Binocular is an essential accessory for a Travel Photographer)
where do your eyes go first?
What do you notice about the place right away?
A smell?
The heat or cold?
Blistering Sunlight?
Mysterious fog?
The way People you move?
Their dress?
Remember it. First impression are invaluable sparks to create interpretation.

We are here to help you make Documentary or Blogs related your Photography. Share your Travel experience along with us.. Start working as team together. Kindly support.. Thanks..


Be Kind and Compassionate

Whoever shares is human being!This is a safe space for anybody to join and share. Have a compassionto others to other views and be kind in your interactions.

No Discrimination

Any kind of discrimination based on gender ,color, sexuality, religion,individual choices and community will not be tolerated. Trolls are not welcome.

Be fully self-expressed

Our club is to celebrate people through the world of tattoos. Take part in the conversation. We promise not to judge or evaluate you. Your expression matters!

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