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Updated: Jul 1, 2021


💫✨I See the Now, I Feel the Now, I AM the Now. ✨💫
To live in the now and be in this present moment is all that exists. The past is gone and we have learned from it and give it gratitude for the lesson and the experience.💖 The future does not exist either. All we have is the now.
In the now we can plant the seeds🌱 of our ideas, our desires, our inspiration so we can see and nurture it all into fruition. 🌿
We are our own creators of our world 🌎 and all that we desire 🔥 that we want to manifest.
In this club we speak on all topics that help us to create our now.
We speak about plant medicines, 🌵🌿🍄 meditation and connecting techniques, 🧘🏽‍♀️ integration, releasing emotional blocks 🧱, card readings🔮, healing tools and so much more.
We look forward to having you join us and creating this beautiful frequency ⚡️💫✨ of inspiration, love and manifestations.
If you have found this group then you have followed your guides who have brought you to a safe space to share your journey and your heart with all of us. 🙏 🌈 💖💓💝🦋


Be Respectful to others

We all have our beliefs and things that have worked us but doesn’t mean it is for everyone. Be curious to others and know that everything is perfect.

Be open to learn

We are not experts but we all teach from our own experience. Let’s be open to learn and give to each other so we can share freely and with lots of love.

Follow moderators or host

We are all here to build a beautiful community. Please follow the host and moderators and others that resonate with you.

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