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Updated: Jun 27, 2022


Hello new member, I am Elohim❣️ (hence) the “Souled Out” part of the show). On clubhouse my name is Elohim so don’t get confused. I am the same person 🤣. Now, to the reason you have been invited to the club. I wanted a space where people of color can express their thoughts and opinions on the current events of the day. Or if you want to touch base on something that never got the attention it needed, here’s the chance. Because society got us f*cked up in believing that anything can go on and can do so without consequences or judgment. Here is the platform to put the world in its place. To make peace with the un-peaceful. Make sense out of the senseless. I REPEAT‼️ THIS IS A SAFE SPACE WHERE BIPOC CAN EXPRESS THEIR THOUGHTS OF THE WORLD WITHOUT JUDGMENT‼️ Let some steam off about some shit that’s been bothering you. Please keep the bashing of the “others” to a minimum. Because in the spirit of expression, we will have moments where we make anger filled statements. Make your statements based on YOUR experience and observation of the world around you. NOT on your assumption of a group of people. Everyone is different but the BS is still the same. NOW LET’S RUN IT UP FAMILY‼️✊🏾❤️🖤💚👑

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