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Updated: May 19, 2022


Tired of passing boring rooms in your hallway? Are you frustrated of trying to figure out how to prioritize your life? You’re not alone. This club is intended for like-minded, grown individuals that love to share ideas, seek advice, and connect. Tap in if you’re adulting routine needs a boost. Plug your friends in and stay tuned. 🔌❤️


Invite Other Great Humans ♥️

It’s your responsibility to understand and ask for clarifying questions. Please don’t ask a question with a question. It gets redundant and slows down the vibe.

Agree to Disagree Respectfully 🤝

If you’d like to add value in anyway please share it respectfully and politely. It’s okay to not agree on everything just be mindful of others.

Be Yourself 😊

Unapologetically bring all the best parts of you to this space. Don’t bring no drama, gossip, or weird energy.

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