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Updated: Jun 22, 2022


The Field represents the spaces and the communities around the world that have aided in the oppression of all people, but specifically black people.

When we say we are “In The Field” it means that we are in the prisons and in the classrooms, comprised of people who are oppressed by the state.

We are interested in the tools needed for marginalized people to trek closer to liberation. The doors to this movement are open to everyone who puts THE PEOPLE first.

We add to this community with our creation of music, visual art, and shared learning experiences that focus on liberation. The question we propose is “how do you contribute?” We all bring something; joy, informed wellness, love, experience, education, film, music, dance, acting, beauty, or merely survival. Pull up.

We look forward to building with you!


We are here to learn

The safest forms of Learning require a collaborative experience. Please be open to engaging in the practice of active listening so that you may offer a critical response as opposed to a reactive one.

We are here to teach

Teaching does not require a monopolization of information, nor does it require the performance element that may come with knowing. Please come to share information in effort to build community.

We are here to Discuss

Please do not be afraid to bring original thoughts. Everyone’s journey to “Liberation” is different. Here we create space for people to grow. & Inversely, we allow for our ideas to be challenge.

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