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Updated: May 12, 2022


Those who stand Apart (المعتزلة). This club is not for polemics, rather it aims at understanding the divine core beliefs of religion. All Abrahamic faith came with the belief in God and the belief in the day of accountability. However Allah did not leave us without a guide to instruct us of our tasks for the day of accountability. Allah sends a Messenger to inform people then appoints divine representatives to succeed the Messenger and guide the nation through the message .
Our duty is always seek and know the divine representative of our time. “ You are only a Warner ( delivers the message) and for every generation there will be a guide” . The messenger has several roles ; Delivering the revelation, legislating the Sunnah, governmental and social authority . Quran “Obey Allah , Obey the Messenger and those vested with authority” . We obey Allah through the Quran, we obey the prophet pbuh by referring back to him and those vested with authority carry the same authority as the prophet pbuh . After the prophet pbuh we refer back to those vested with Authority, as they inform us of the sunnah of the prophet pbuh. RULES: ANY Offence made TO IMAM KHOMAYNI R.A , Sayed AlQaed, Shaheed Baqir or Sayed Mousa Sadr results in automatic ban and removal.

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