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Updated: Aug 27, 2021


Welcome to The Kink Whole! Not the half or the quarter kink, this is the WHOLE kink. This is ✳️ The Green Buttwhole ✳️ adjacent kink club. The hottest new club on this app now has a kink forward space!

We talk about universally relevant topics through the lens of kink. Membership is open and democratic.

(Hint: Thought leaders I want to co-host room with you!)

Dating Advice Through a Kink Lens
Monday 11:30 am EST, 3:30 pm GMT, 11:30 pm Manila, PH

The Vanilla Cafe Hours
Wednesday 11:30 am EST, 3:30 pm GMT, 11:30 pm Manila, PH

Pop-Up Rooms:
- Let’s Talk about Wholesome Kink
- Let’s Talk about Curious Consent
- Let’s Talk about Imposter Syndrome
- Let’s Talk about Representation in Alt Spaces

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History of The Kink Whole

Domina Chase was chatting with her Green Buttwhole-ers in a pop-up room named “Let’s Talk About Wholesome Kink”. We laughed, laughed, and laughed over the fact that my room was almost exclusively populated by Green Buttwhole-ers.

Jimi not only came up with the idea of making The Kink Whole club but then reminded me the next day so he’s obviously a part of this story. (And came up with concept on which the current icon is based).

Make sure to also follow Humanistic BDSM and The Green Buttwhole!

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