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Updated: Aug 25, 2021


The first community for Programmers. A space to connect: programmers with others, or those who have an interest in programming languages and would like to get to know programming languages.


“If you start a room linked to our club, club admins may track your room stats via"

Everyone's welcome!

أول مجتمع للمبرمجين. مساحة لتواصل المبرمجين مع الاخرين او المهتمين بلغات البرمجة ويرغبون بالتعرف عليها.

الجميع مرحب به!


Be kind and respectful to EVERYONE...

There is zero tolerance policy for unwarranted aggression. Let's apply the golden rule in this room. We will kick you if you don't abide by this rule.

No talking over another person..." No big l's or little u's"

To gain true value from the discussions in this club, it will be imperative that we don't have everyone talking all at once. Check your egos at the door, or you will be led out the door 🚪

Ask questions! But be mindful..

It's important to ask questions! There are no stupid questions. However any questions that has ill intent or leads to beliefs, division or inciting hate.. you will be kicked out the door 🚪

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