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Updated: Oct 30, 2022
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🇮🇳 O+Ve ♥️🩸Donate Blood
[email protected] Anantapur Adda
Wanna know abt me ..
Chubby girl 👧
Describe_ Kind crazy funny lovely frndly dangerous sometimes alakalananda
I can easily mingle with all.
Blessed to have more besties who are trying so hard to handle me n trying to make me happy all the time being a part of ma beautiful journey.
How to deal with me ..
Be. Genuine dnt break trust 💯
Aliginapudu bujjaginchali
Kopam vachinapudu sorry chepali
Apudapudu thanks chepali
Apudapudu fight kuda cheyali
Love family ❤
Love dancing 💃
Shopaholic 🛍
Photoholic 📷
Foodie 😋
Nature lover 🌳🍁 Go green 🪴
Pet lover (Love stray Dogs)🐕
1. I don't buy pets instead I adopt pets
2. Rescue street dogs
3. Feed stray dogs
4. Stop animal cruelty
5. Show some love even they need love ( Deserves)
Love Social Service❤
We have many social welfare services still take ua time for personal social service.
I love travelling ...in the sense visiting not only places visiting Orphanage, Ashram n slum areas.
Help as much u can..
I do spend so much on shopping n I do waste ma money still I have time n money fa serving the needy .
First motive is feed the needy.
Bio chusav ga follow ipo

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