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Updated: Aug 14, 2022
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*Jesus is Lord

*Intentional Learner 📕
*Generational Wealth Strategist
*Private Lender and Investor
*Real Estate Developer in Texas
*General Contractor in Texas
*Speaker 🎤
*Mind Shift Coach 🤯
*Grant Writer
*Published Author ✍🏾 Ghostwriter
*Book Coach 📖📚/ Narrative Changer

🦹🏾‍♀️ My super power is that I help find solutions and strategies to specific problems and love to add value to people.

*CEO of Wise Pockets LLC
Consulting Firm for
Small Business Start Ups

*Real Estate Branch Owner

$🏦Business Purpose Loan Consultant for:
*SBA loans
*401 k
*Construction Loan
*Church Loans
*Investment properties
*Rental Properties
*Small businesses
*Commercial Loans
*Commercial Vehicles
*Purchase a franchise or business

🖊I am a homeschooling momma of 5 🤰🏾. Therefore a very busy woman. So, time is to expensive to be wasted. A wife of 15 years and love helping women celebrate the beauty of being married.

Follow me and I will follow back. 🤗

*I am the founder of Reclaimed Life Ministries.
I have worked as a minister and mentor to women and the youth for over 15 plus years. After working for years with at risk youth in Juvenile Detention Facility, I moved to working with youth in and outside of church in hopes of giving them preventive outlooks to making life altering decisions. I sit on the board of a non profit that offers affordable housing, mentorship, coaching, business training and financial literacy.

Giving at risk youth the keys to success that will turn into keys to their first home and asset. Reclaimed Life Ministries is a non profit Real Estate Firm Branch that has a initiative to help the homeless and my passion is aged out foster care.

This is a movement for women to take charge of how they think and focus more on who they want to become. Everyday we have an opportunity to become greater than what we were yesterday.

I love to get groups of successful women together to collectively collaborate and share their stories.

My goal and my plan is to join into a Joint Venture with someone to have luxury short-term and long-term rentals by buying land that have cabins, hunting life and fishing. These properties will in turn be used to help troubled youth to get exposure to life outside of their surroundings via youth camps and farming.

If you will like to invest or partner reach out to me.
[email protected]

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