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In cultural economics, a funkible token is the property of a funk that has been commodified and whose individual units of funk are essentially interchangeable with all other funks, and each of its funky parts are indistinguishable from other funky parts.

A non-funkible token (NFnkT) is a unit of funk stored on the funky ledger, called the blackchain, that certifies a funky ass token to be unique and therefore not interchangeable with other funk. NFnkTs can be used to represent funky items such as style, aesthetic, walk, game, and other types of funkifications. Access to copies of the original funk, however, is not restricted to the creator of the NFnkT. While copies of funk are available for anyone to obtain, NFnkTs are tracked on the blackchain to provide the owner of the funk with a proof of funkiness that is separate from copyright.

I hope this helps someone. I’m here to add value.

About Me: I’m currently serving as the Full-time Minister of Celebration at the historic GLIDE Memorial Church in San Francisco. I’m articulating a vision of social, prophetic and creative justice through my work as a poet, artist, teacher, collaborator, preacher, cake baker, and Facebook Statustician.

Join me on to read what this sounds like.

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