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🧠 Clairaudient Psychic & Esotericist- Founder of Quantum Spiritual Center
📚 Author Of Rewiring Your Success

John Qreshi Clair-Audient Psychic & Spiritual Healer has spent the last 18 years as a practitioner of Clairaudience and Esotericism, whilst serving as an executive master trainer & member of the American Board of Neuro-linguistic Programming and board member of the American Board Hypnotherapy.

Not only that, he is the Forbes and Entrepreneur featured author of Rewiring Your Success and the founder of several successful programs. These programs include Quantum Spiritual Healers, Quantum Spiritual School, and Quantum Breakthrough Theory.

At John's core, he has a yearning to use his gift for the greater good. An advocate for uncovering individual and repressed truths and helping individuals all over the world heal.

No matter where you are in the world, John mourns and understands. With John's guidance and skill, he carefully shifts his students towards uncovering the submerged temple that resides tucked within, raising it to the conscious brain.

Life was not always great, as John struggled with his mental illness and dyslexia for a major part of his childhood. Through perseverance and his eye-opening psychic gift, he was able to overcome obstacles and achieve his dreams.

He defied the unmountable gravitational odds when no one believed in him.

John is the very essence of coming from nothing and rising to greatness.

By uncovering his inner temple and understanding what he truly wanted, John was able to flourish.

John has a genuine want for his students to better themselves to a point where they can be truly happy and proud.

With John’s guidance, feel as your hidden wants and needs snap from their suffocating chains. Discover your temple, and shatter the limits of life. After all, one is only as important as how they feel their inner temple.

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