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Updated: Jul 1, 2022


This club is for all you Vinyl Addicts on Clubhouse! 🤪 Grab your weekly pick, and join us for a mid-week spin on Wednesdays at 7 pm EST. Share your favorite records, songs, recommendations, and tell stories about why you love them so much. If this sounds like a club you’d like to take for a spin, click that follow button. 😁🎶


Be Nice

No politics, no bashing, no problem. 😁 Be nice, we’re all human here...I think. 🤖 All music genres are welcome, but keep the music shared respectful.

Be Respectful

Couple things. Any music shared needs to be clean. No cussing 🤬 because some find it offensive. Also, if you’re brought to the stage to share a song, keep the song sample around 30 seconds.

Enjoy The Music

Kick back in your favorite chair, grab your go to drink🍾, maybe even light that cigar and enjoy the music. 🎶

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