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Updated: May 14, 2022


🔒Exclusive invite only club🔒. There is a verification process. Referrals are allowed but bringing problematic members could result in termination of your club member status. There will be a hard cap to the members allowed in this group (OG round is capped to 300 members only). Tech Talk 🌐 alumni speakers will be automatically validated into the group.

Be warned: this group is dedicated for founders, investors, C-level executives, celebrities, industry experts and tenured professionals from different departments within all different industries/verticals.

We will host/moderate “mastermind think tank sessions” to explore all parts of the tech world, with the goal to network, share thoughts and share ideas/differences.

We will host open discussions and entertainment.


We will verify your experience.

To ensure the group’s value and quality: we will verify/vet all credentials before allowing members to join this club.

Don’t be afraid to dig deep into conversations!

Since we are ensuring the quality standards of this group, everyone is welcome to dig deep into topics that may not be available in normal technology rooms. Safe space for professionals to dive in!

Be respectful and no disrespect.

No qualms here for having disagreements or open discussion, but no personal attacks or any malicious remarks. If you disrupt the conversation continuously, we reserve the right to ban you.

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