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Updated: May 15, 2022


The Let’s Talk BiOs Club is where the research on biographies, social medias and business backgrounds are shared as helpful starting points to support the essential networking infrastructure being built here on Clubhouse for those seeking direction, connection and or reflection.

This is a strong opportunity for those really looking to connect! This club will feed those with specific interest and questions. Tailored discussions will created for those who want to and need to learn more on particular topics. Rooms will provide 1-3 outcomes a direction, connection and or reflection. Send a direct message to members of the Let’s Talk BiOs club with your inquiry. We aim for the most resourceful and influential resources.

You may already be following and linked with some phenomenal moderators and individuals already, however, there are millions and millions of fundamental users here on Clubhouse who you don’t even know exist yet!

Clubhouse a great resource that has allowed people to overview the potential, professional and physical characteristics of individuals who may and can bring and or add a great deal of value.

Allow us to collaborate and operate as a society of ones who value and seek to have the best interests in one another. Allow us to generate and motivate healthy connections to stimulate and grow a wealthy population of achievers and legends!

Let’s Talk BiOs


Follow Privacy Rules

Sharing biographies can be a useful tool for misguided entrepreneurs. Be courteous and speak on ONLY what is written and shared in the given biography, linked and public accounts online ONLY.

1 Inquiry for 1-3 Responses

1. Direction towards the proper information. 2. Connection to the proper resource. 3. Reflection on the initial inquiry and advise that can be taken into consideration and serious thought.

Practice Respect and Being Ethical

Inquiring individuals should and must be made aware of where they can find any given information on their own. By implementing ethical and respectful characters we can provide genuine support system.

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