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Updated: Aug 26, 2021


Welcome 🎉 to the Visible and Profitable Female Entrepreneur Club!

A FUN place for women to hang out + learn and share about all things online, Etsy, and brick and mortar business.

This club is led by Suzanne Proksa @suzanneproksa - HR Expert and Marketing Strategist, former Featured Etsy seller🕯, and Certified Wellness Coach.

👉🏻 Join the SuzCrew:


•Running a business with chronic illness and time constraints
•Business tech and automation
•Women’s Health and Wellness
…and more.

Upcoming types of events:

•The Suzanne Show Podcast recorded live ⏺🎧
•Extended Masterclass discussions 👩🏻‍🏫
•Summits and extended summit discussions 🗣


Kindness and Respect Required

By participating in club rooms you agree to be respectful of others in the room and actively show kindness toward others. Support and care are expected. “Mean girls” are not welcome here.

No Aggressive Marketing Tactics

This club is all about getting visible and marketing in ways that shine a bright light on you and what you offer and help you create amazing relationships. Please respect member boundaries.

Recording Happens ⏺

Follow Suzanne here + on Instagram - @suzanneproksa. Let us help you overcome your fears and participate. Share your gifts in rooms. Tell other women about the club so we can grow and collaborate.❤️


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